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Ruby Rock® is the name given to the stones uniquely crafted and enhanced by Gerry Commandeur and his family, using techniques to transform the gem from it's raw state into beautiful stones and set into gold and silver jewellery.

The Goodletite form of Ruby Rock® is only found near Hokitika in the West Coast Region of New Zealand's South Island.  Goodletite is composed of Ruby/Sapphire and Tourmaline crystals in emerald green fuchsite (the mother rock).  It is the only form of Ruby Rock® that is found exclusively in the West Coast Region of New Zealand.

Ruby in Zoisite consists of crystalline aggregates of green zoisite (the mother rock) with rich ruby throughout the stone.  Ruby red color, contrasting with the bright green zoisite gives often dramatic and beautiful results when set in our jewellery.

Ruby in Fuschite consists of ruby crystals ranging in colour from pink through to red, encased in bright green fuschite, (the mother rock).

To maximise the beauty of the stone we make our stones in triplet form using quartz crystal for the protective top of the stones.

We also make a beautiful range of green mother rock jewellery.

To see examples of the different stones, please click on the menu to the left to view our jewellery.

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